Castrol EDGE LL IV 0W20 Oil 1 Litre

Castrol EDGE LL IV 0W20 Oil 1 Litre


Castrol EDGE is our strongest and most advanced range of engine oils. Its TITANIUM FST™ doubles its film strength, preventing oil film breakdown and reducing friction.
Castrol EDGE with TITANIUM FST™: helping your engine perform at its best.


  • Castrol EDGE 0W-20 LL IV is suitable for use in gasoline and diesel engines in vehicles from the VW Group that requirea VW 508 00 / 509 00 specification 0W-20 lubricant.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximises short and long term engine performance
  • Reduces engine deposits to help maximise engine response
  • Delivers complete protection across a variety of driving conditions and temperatures
  • Sustains maximum performance even when under pressure
  • Independently proven to improve engine efficiency
  • Excellent performance at low temperatures


  • VW 508 00 / VW 509 00

Additional Note:
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